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【營繕組公告】暫停供電通知 Notice of Power Outage

受文者: 第三教學區各使用及管理單位

To: The users and managing units of the Third Teaching Area

主旨: 因台灣電力公司進行「高壓電力線路設備更換工程」工作之需要,本(109)年10月3日第三教學區暫停供電,特此通知。

Subject: Due to the need for the "High-Voltage Power Line Equipment Replacement Project" carried out by the Taiwan Electric Power Company, the power supply at the Third Teaching Area will be temporarily suspended on October 3rd. This is hereby notified.

說明 Description:



停電區域: 第三教學區。

1.Time: October 3 (Saturday), 14:00-14:20 and 16:40-17:00

   Area: Third Teaching Area

二、惠請轉告週知並請於停電時間前及早關閉相關用電設備,如: 電腦設備等避免送電時發生不可預期損壞,盥洗熱水請避開暫停供電時間使用。

2.Please inform the public and turn off the relevant electrical equipment such as computer equipment as early as possible before the power outage time so to avoid unexpected damage during power supply. The hot water for shower should also be avoided during the power outage time.


3.During the suspension of power supply, in order to avoid unforeseen accidents, please do not start electrical or computer equipment or take elevators.


4.If the project is completed ahead of schedule, the power should be delivered earlier; however, if there are special difficulties in the work, the power delivery may be delayed. Please understand the inconvenience.


5.In case of failure to work under special circumstances, the power outage will be cancelled, and another announcement will be made after the date of the next power outage is determined.

六、聯絡人: 王先生;電話: 05-6315219。

6.Contact Person: Mr. Wang; Phone: 05-6315219

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