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【營繕組公告】4th Correction Announcement: Construction Works on Wenhua and Minzhu Road 民主路及文化路施工作業第4次更正公告

主  旨:因應雲林縣政府辦理「虎尾周邊街道系統整合串接改善計畫第二期工程」文化路鋪設路面作業,


其餘施工期程詳說明,特此公告周知,造成不便之處,尚祈  見諒。

Subject: In response to the “Huwei Surrounding Street System Integration and Tandem Improvement Phase II Project” conducted by Yulin County Government,

Wenhua Road may be temporarily closed without warning. During the closure period,

the entrances of the first and second teaching areas will be changed to the temporary entrances and exits on Bade Street and behind the Electric Building,

and the rest of the construction period will be explained in detail.

This announcement is hereby known to the public, and we are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

說  明:

  • 施工時間 Construction Time:

文化路路面鋪設作業 Pavement work on Wenhua and Minzhu Roads  

110年01月04日 07:00 ~110年01月07日 18:00

01/04/2021, 07:00 – 01/07/2021, 18:00

1091222 施工影響說明圖

二、公告時間為預估時間,如作業提前完成,將提早開放使用;惟倘工作發生特殊困難,可能延緩,造成不便之處,尚祈 見諒。

The announced time is estimated time.

If the work is completed ahead of schedule, it will be opened for use earlier;

however, if there are special difficulties in the work, it may be delayed.

We apologize for any inconvenience again.

三、連絡人:許先生 05-6315218,警衛室05-6315222。

Contact Person: Mr. Hsu 05-6315218; Guardhouse 05-6315222

總務處營繕組 敬啟  110/01/07

General Affair Division 2021/01/07


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