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【事務組公告】Tree Trimming Work Notice 樹木修剪施工作業通知

主 旨:近日發現校園有多棵樹木病蟲害枯死,為維護校園環境整潔並避免樹木倒塌意外,擬進行樹木移除作業,



Purpose: To maintain a clean campus and prevent accident, we plan to remove dead trees in the first Teaching Area.

Please do not approach the working area during the period of time listed below, and pay attention to parking position and vehicle safety when driving on campus.

We hereby announce this notice and apologize for the inconvenience.

說 明:

  • 施工區域及時間 (Time & Area ) :

110 年 01 月 16 日(星期六) 上午 8:00 起 110 年 01 月 17 日(星期日) 下午 18:00 止,作業區域如圖示

Time: Jan. 16 (Sat.), 8:00 am—Jan.17(Sun) 18:00 pm

【修剪作業區域圖示 Area: marked in red color in the map below】

虎科校園地圖 1100115


Note: The tree-trimming work will be postponed if it is badly affected by weather condition.

  • 聯絡人:顏小姐 05-6315229

Contact person: Miss Yen at 05-6315229

總務處事務組 敬啟 110/01/14

     General Service Division, Office of General Affairs

請輸入此驗證碼 : 2121
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