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【營繕組公告】Notice of Power Outrage 宿舍區停電作業通知


To: The users and managing units of Student Dormitory Area.

主 旨:因本組訂於本(110)年6月29日進行「宿舍區總變電站遷移及改善工程」保固期


Subject: To cooperate with the " Relocation and improvement project of the main substation ",

the power supply of student dormitory area will be temporarily suspended on June 29th.

This is hereby notified.

【說 明 Description】:
一、 停電時間及區域:
6月29日(星期二) 8:00~17:00


1. Time and Area of Power Outrage:

Time: June 29th (Tuesday), 08:00-17:00
Area: Student Dormitory Area

二、 惠請轉告週知並請於停電時間前及早關閉相關用電設備,

2. Please inform the public and turn off the relevant electrical equipment such as computer equipment as early as possible

before the power outage time so to avoid unexpected damage after power supply.

The water for drinking and washing (toilet) might also be preserved in advance.

三、 暫停供電期間,為避免發生不可預期事故,請勿啟動電氣或電腦設備及搭乘電梯等。
3. During the suspension of power supply, in order to avoid unforeseen accidents,

please do not start electrical or computer equipment or take elevators.

四、 如工程提前完工,將提早送電;惟倘工作發生特殊困難,可能延緩送電,不便之處,請 諒察。
4.If the project is completed ahead of schedule, the power should be delivered earlier;

however, if there are special difficulties in the work, the power delivery may be delayed.

Please understand the inconvenience.

五、 若遇特殊情形無法工作時,將取消此次停電,待下次停電日期決定後,再另行奉告。
5.In case of failure to work under special circumstances, the power outage will be cancelled,

and another announcement will be made after the date of the next power outage is determined.

六、 連絡人 Contact person:
王先生(Mr. Wang ) ,分機5219 (手機直撥 Phone:05-6315219),手機 Cell phone:0932-598809。

總務處營繕組 敬啟
Division of General Service

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