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【營繕組公告】Notice of Construction Work 112年02月13日至8月11日第二校區景觀修繕工程施工公告


To all the users and departments of the school

主  旨:因應本校「第二教學區景觀修繕工程」施工需要,施工期間下列區域將暫時禁停車輛,並管制部分路口,請勿於施工區域周圍逗留,特此公告周知,造成不便之處,尚祈  見諒。

Subject: In corresponded with the second campus maintenance construction, parking is not allowed during the following date and area. Please do not wander around in the nearby area. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

說  明


Construction area: the parking lot behind the first assembly building, the passage in front of the mailroom, and five grassy areas.


二、施工期間: 2023年 2月13日 至 8月11日

 Construction period: from February 13th to August 11th, 2023.


Temporary parking lot: the area near the fountain of administrate building on the first campus, the signature side of Palm Boulevard, and the signature side of the third campus. Please leave space around the corner area. Please refer to the blue area of the picture.



四、公告禁停期間為預估施工時間,如工程提前完成,將提早開放停車使用;惟倘工作發生特殊困難,可能延緩,造成不便之處,尚祈 見諒。

The announced period is the estimated construction period. If the project is completed ahead of schedule, the space will be open earlier; however, the construction may be delayed if there are difficulties in the work. We apologized for any inconvenience.

五、連絡人:營繕組 張先生 分機:5950

Contact person: Mr. Chang , extension 5950


總務處 敬啟

Division of General Service


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